in-laws issue?

How would you exactly feel if your mother-in-law constantly use your things without your permission? What is the best way to deal with it without confronting?

Pls. Help



Care To Share?

I just had my baby’s gender revealed and it’s a GIRL!! We are extremely excited that I already ordered a crib for my little me.

Now, if ya’ll don’t mind sharing your 1st baby girl experience…I would totally appreciate it… I’m new to this. Clueless of what to expect. Will she cry a lot? How much attention would she need? What would make her stop crying?  3 mos to go and hopefully I get a beautiful baby girl…

My Custard Cheese Cake


I’ve been craving for this dessert for a long time. Decided to make my own. And thanks to Google. I was able to get pass by to this recipe with the use of PANCAKE MIX. I’d like something easy. I’m trying to skip all those parts that needed baking powder, yeast, oven, the waiting time and all that. I did this cake using a rice cooker, pancake mix, cheese and condensed milk. Basic. Stress free, So easy!

I did not follow the same exact instruction from the website, but it tasted just the way I like it. My husband was incredibly amazed.

Here’s what I did:

For the cake itself, just follow the instruction written at the back of your pancake mix. Place the batter in the rice cooker until it cooks (keep in mind to put butter on your rice cooker to avoid the cake from sticking from the pan) To know if your cake is cooked, insert a tooth pick and pull it out, make sure it doesn’t have cake remainings. Place the fresh cake upside down on a plate.

For the custard, I have a small can of condensed milk, 1 egg, grated cheese. Mix it in a bowl then heat it on the pan and mix it thoroughly until thick. (You have to keep mixing the mixture or else it gets burnt easily)

Spread the custard all throughout the cake. Make sure you do it neatly. Sprinkle cheese on top. Enjoy!!!

My food diary


Any Ideas?


Had my blood sugar tested for the 1st time in my life. Got no idea what the results meant but it says something like 123.64 mg/dl? Sorry, just can’t wait till tomorrow when I visit my doc. If any of u guys know if the result is “normal” or not…just comment it below. I will appreciate it a lot!! thanks in advance!

Recreating our Pancakes

wpid-c360_2015-08-03-09-33-32-263.jpgGood morning ya’ll! today’s breakfast: Corndogs. Really happy to be able to make this using just the basic pancake mix and simply fried it! This is my first time making corndogs and it turned out pretty well! My husband extremely loved it. Can’t wait to make more.

Corndogs I made for breakfast. Made from pancake mix! So easy

Corndogs I made for breakfast. Made from pancake mix! So easy

Baby’s Kicks

I felt my baby’s 1st kick when I was 13 weeks pregnant. I was second guessing if that is for real or if i’m just imagining it. But eventually learning it was. From the time I felt his kick, I can’t help but anticipate the next kicks to the point that I feel like ‘demanding’ for it to be felt. I go restless when I dont feel him at all. It’s like I always want to visit my OB to have him checked. If it’s stilk alive or what.

I lived full of worries. I know it’s not good. but how should I know? this is my 1st! I’m now 26 weeks pregnant. And my baby is super active inside. It would wake me up at night. Trigger my bladder that makes me pee 3 times in 30 mins. I would see my tummy jump a bit. It makes me smile everytime. Priceless!

Best OB’s Orders!

So, I stumbled across wordpress looking for ways on how to spend my time while I’m on a three week leave. It wasn’t suppose to be a three-week-leave. I’m 23 weeks pregnant that time and It just happened I get high blood pressure for some reason I don’t know at work. Consulted my OB amd said it’s because of too much “stress”. Gave me a week to bedrest and I was fine, till the next morning, I started coughing and totally felt so bad. I have no voice literally. It’s a rainy season and no wonder people everywhere are indeed getting sick! Got extended for another week of leave. After that period, I’m extremely excited to see my doctor because I was feeling much much better, but she wasn’t excited to see how my weight decreased. When we first met 2 weeks ago, I was at 176lbs, On the 2nd week, I was at 171, on my recent check up, I went down to 170lbs. I can see she wasn’t happy. She said I have to be gaining weight. I am surprised of losing that much too. I don’t do anything at home but to lie down, sleep, eat, going online, tv. The only tiring thing I do is when I cook meals for me and my hubby, I don’t sit at all till I’m done cooking.

So, she gave me another week to stay at home, not do anything stressful and gain the lost weight. I did do a bit of a research. I read that on my 2nd trimester, I should be gaining 1lb everyweek to ensure that my little angel is also growing inside. I sat alone in our room. Thinking how to gain all the weight I didn’t even bother burning.

So if you guys have insights about this experience please comment below and I would also want to know your meal plan.

*PS for preggos and certified doctors only 😀

Hey ya’ll!

Dear readers!

A warm welcome to me. This is my first entry and I’m excited in imparting my food inventions and experience being a wife and a pregnant woman. Got nothing to do literally, been on leave after having colds due to horrible, inconsistent weather conditions. But I’m all good now! Cheers!